The HDX coins that you stake can be held in your Polkadot Apps Wallet.

The unbonding period is 28 days.

Our Validator Node:

ALLNODES 7Lfson92VhmTmLKBygAqrpCTdYYEme9aJcbLpGZn6qZoWjw2

Instructions for the Polkadot Apps wallet:

  1. Open the Polkadot Apps wallet:
    If you already have XHDX in your wallet, start at step 5.

  2. Switch to the HydraDX Snakenet live network in the left upper corner.

  3. Press the "Add account" button and save your mnemonic in a safe place. Press the "Next" button.

  4. Send at least 1 HDX to your address.

  5. Open the "Account actions":

  6. Press the "NOMINATOR" button, select your stash and controller account, select the amount you want to stake, and press the "Next" button.

  7. Search for the Allnodes validator node, add it to the nominated accounts list, and press the "Bond & Nominate" button.

  8. Enjoy your HDX staking rewards with Non-Custodial Staking from Allnodes.

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