How much do Allnodes services cost?

The cost of the Allnodes services depends on the Masternode's currency and its technical requirements. You can always find the current prices on the Pricing page or check it out below:

Full Nodes:

Bitcoin (BTC): $0.0744 / hour
Symbol (XYM): $0.0148 / hour

Masternodes: Coin (500,000 CRO): $0.0074 / hour
Dash (1000 DASH): from $4.5 / month
Horizen (42 ZEN): from $2 / month
Horizen (500 ZEN): from $8 / month
NEM (3,000,000 XEM): from $18 / month
Energi (1,000 - 100,000 NRG): from $4.5 / month
Zcoin (1000 XZC): from $4.5 / month
PIVX (10,000 PIV): from $4.5 / month
Syscoin (100,000 SYS): from $4 / month
Wagerr (25,000 WGR): from $2 / month
Blocknet (5,000 BLOCK): $0.0074 / hour
Stakenet (15,000 XSN): from $2 / month
NIX Platform (40,000 NIX): from $2 / month
Polis (1000 POLIS): from $2 / month
Phore (10,000 PHR): from $2 / month
Crown (10,000 CRW): from $2 / month
ION (20,000 ION): from $2 / month

The difference between hosting plans

Advanced Plan offers 99.90% Uptime SLA and up to 15 locations worldwide. Your node is hosted on a VPS of most reliable hosting providers - DigitalOcean and Linode. Such decentralization is essential for the stability of the network. If you want to support your coin, we recommend choosing the Advanced plan. In addition, the Advanced Plan offers users API access, priority support, and an option for a free trial.

The Basic Plan offers 99.00% Uptime SLA; however, it is currently only available in 1 European location. It uses a shared dedicated server and contains a significant amount of nodes on it.

Other differences include bandwidth size as well as your billing structure for hosting services.

Bandwidth size

Users of the Advanced Plan enjoy a high bandwidth of 1 Gbit/sec while the Basic Plan holders have a standard 100 Mbit/sec bandwidth.

How am I billed for the hosting?

With our Advanced Plan, your account is billed hourly up to a maximum of 672 hours per month (28 days), even if your node is online for more than 672 hours in a calendar month. Accumulated charges are billed hourly. You can expect to receive your invoice on the 1st day of every month. There are no set up fees for this plan.

When you sign up for the Basic Plan, you agree to prepay annually or monthly for Allnodes hosting services. Initial set up fees apply.

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