Ethereum 2.0 Validator Node can be hosted with Trezor, Ledger wallet as well as Software wallets.

During the process of hosting your nodes on Allnodes, you'll be asked to upload your json files. These files contain your Validator private keys. Validator private key is required for Validator node to validate.

Your keys information is protected with Allnodes secure multi-level shield system at all times.

Attention! Your mnemonic phrase and withdrawal keys remain with you at all times. You don’t need to share this information with anyone, including Allnodes.

If you have NOT generated your Validator keys:

  1. Generate validator keys here:

  2. Use this tool to make deposit(s):

  3. Open

  4. Choose “Validator Node,” "Mainnet," and press “PROCEED.

  5. Connect your Metamask or insert collateral address manually.

  6. Follow further instructions.

If you have generated Validator keys and deposited ETH:

  1. Open

  2. Choose “Validator Node,” "Mainnet," and press “PROCEED.

  3. Connect your Metamask or insert collateral address manually.

  4. Follow further instructions.

Ethereum 2.0 video setup guide from our friend Boxmining

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