The DHP coins that you stake can be held on dHealth Desktop wallet.

Our Harvesting Node: (Allnodes)

Instruction for dHealth Wallet:

  1. Download and install the dHealth Desktop wallet from the official GitHub:

  2. Login under your current profile, or create a new profile and follow further instructions.

  3. Send at least 10,000.1 DHP to your wallet address. 0.1 DHP is required to cover future transaction costs.

  4. Wait until your "Importance" becomes more than 0. It can take up to 12-24 hours. You can check importance of your address here:

  5. Open the "Harvesting" tab and insert in the "Node URL" field.

  6. Press on the "Link all keys" button and confirm all further actions.

  7. Enjoy the Non-Custodial Staking.

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