A DeFiChain Masternode can only be hosted with the DeFi Wallet.

There is an option to receive rewards more often, but you need to freeze your collateral for 5 or 10 years.

Instructions for the DeFI Wallet:

If you already have at least 20,010 DFI in your wallet, start at step 5.

  1. Download and install the DeFi Wallet wallet from the official website: https://defichain.com/downloads/

  2. Go to the "Wallets" tab, select "DFI", and press the "Receive" tab.

  3. Copy your address.

  4. Send at least 20,010 DFI to your address.
    10 DFI is required to cover future transaction costs.

  5. Insert your collateral address here: https://www.allnodes.com/dfi/host

  6. Follow further instructions from Allnodes.

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