The DVPN coins that you stake can be held in your Sentinel Desktop wallet.

The unbonding period is 21 days.

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Instructions for the Sentinel Desktop wallet:

  1. Install the Sentinel Desktop wallet from the official GitHub:
    If you already have DVPN coins in your wallet, start at step 4.

  2. Create an account and save your mnemonic.

  3. Copy your wallet address and send at least 1 DVPN there.

  4. Click on the "COMMISSION" column, find the "Allnodes" node in the list, and click on the "D" green circle.

  5. Select the amount you want to delegate and press the "DELEGATE" button.

  6. Enjoy your DVPN staking rewards with Non-Custodial Staking from Allnodes.

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