The MOVR coins that you stake can be held in your Polkadot Apps Wallet.

The unbonding period is 28 days.

Our Validator Node:

ALLNODES 0x6CbCaA2c560eb8c471AcDaAB859A25E663c0cbb9

Instructions for the Polkadot Apps wallet:

If you already have MOVR in your wallet, start at step 5.

  1. Open the Polkadot Apps wallet:

  2. Switch to the "KUSAMA & PARACHAINS" -> Moonriver network in the left upper corner.

  3. Press the "Add account" button and save your mnemonic in a safe place. Press the "Next" button.

  4. Send at least 5.1 MOVR to your address. 0.1 MOVR is required to cover future transaction costs.

  5. Follow steps of this guide:

    Our node: 0x6CbCaA2c560eb8c471AcDaAB859A25E663c0cbb9

  6. Enjoy your MOVR staking rewards with Non-Custodial Staking from Allnodes.

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