A PAC Protocol Masternode can only be hosted with the Legacy Desktop wallet.

Instructions for the Legacy Desktop wallet:

If you already have 500,000 PAC in your wallet (sent in one transaction), start at step 7.

  1. Download and install the Legacy Desktop wallet from the official website: https://pacprotocol.com/#download

  2. Go to "Settings", click "Encrypt wallet...", select strong passphrase, and click the "OK" button.
    Make sure to store your password in a safe place.

  3. Click the "Receive" tab, enter "Label" (e.g. PAC001), and click "Request payment".

  4. Copy new wallet address.

  5. Send exactly 500,000 PAC in a single transaction to your address.

  6. Wait for 1 confirmation of the collateral transaction in the blockchain to occur.

  7. Insert your Masternode's address here: https://www.allnodes.com/pac/host

  8. Follow further instructions from Allnodes.

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