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Tendermint Based Validator Nodes - Key Management and Security
Tendermint Based Validator Nodes - Key Management and Security
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1. Why does Allnodes have access to customers' operator mnemonics?

Managing validator node with operator address requires experience and security and is considered high risk without the proper safeguards in place.

Up until the end of 2021, we offered the choice for users to create and manage the operator address themselves. However, due to the difficulty of the process, 100% of our customers who were given a choice ultimately opted for having us activate the node. Therefore, we stopped offering this option by default because it caused a lot of confusion, but it is still available by request for experienced customers.

2. Can this procedure be improved in the future?

Yes. We released new node management available through the Allnodes portfolio page, which allows you to activate or modify validator(s) using the connected address (operator address). The customer can manage their node in a non-custodial way, using a hardware wallet (Ledger), without giving Allnodes access to your operator address.

3. For Tendermint based networks (including Terra Classic), does Allnodes host validator nodes that have voting power that can halt the chain?

No. On any Cosmos based networks we operate, the combined voting power of all our customers, including our own node, is less than is required to halt the chain.

4. How can a customer request private keys associated with his node?

It can be done through our secure chat on the Allnodes website from an account associated with a specific validator node.

5. Can a customer request a deletion of all private keys and mnemonics associated with their operator address?

Yes. It can be done by request.

6. Can a customer request a deletion of all private keys associated with their validator node if they leave Allnodes?

Yes. When a customer leaves Allnodes, we delete all private keys and mnemonics associated with this customer, if there are any. You can verify if a node is operating by viewing attestations on a block explorer.

7. Can Allnodes use customers' voting power for its own interest?

No. Allnodes will never vote for customers' delegations unless they request us to vote on their behalf.

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